Anne Braysher

Anne joined the Parish Council on 14/11/23.

Simon Bywater

Tim Alban

Dominic Ward

Dominic joined the Parish Council on 08/08/23.  More information to follow.

Julie Thomson

More info soon!

Alison Shailer

More details on Alison coming soon!

Adam Vickers

More information on Adam coming soon!

Ian Croll

About me:

I’ve lived in Stilton since I was 10 years old (Reading beforehand) and have been with the Parish Council since 1995.

When I’m not out and about clearing and cleaning the village, I like to play snooker and darts, going to rock festivals and really enjoy the Peterborough Beer Festival.  If I could be served a meal of any food, a big plate of fish and chips would be just fine with me!


Adrian Green

More information on Adrian coming soon!

Mandy Kisbee

More details on Mandy coming soon!

Member of:

  •  The Amenities Management Committee
  •  The Finance, General Purpose and Communication Committee
  •  Staffing Sub-Committee
  •  Joint lead on Stilton’s Neighbourhood Plan